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The CREW is a one month, get-stuff-done success incubator in Ubud, Bali.



Challenges of Being a Entrepreneur on Your Own


no accountability


little support

lack of knowledge

having to do it all

fear of failure


no team

closing business



time management

“shiny object” syndrome

Tired of doing it alone?

Feel like there has to be a better way?


  • Connect with a like-minded community of solopreneurs from around the world
  • Learn to structure your work and set yourself up for maximum productivity
  • Receive support, guidance, and expert advice from the group to amplify your success
  • Become accountable and get stuff done
  • Work actively on realizing your goals and get radical results
  • Learn how to find your true value and set your rates accordingly
  • Learn how to live a balanced life of getting results and enjoying life…in paradise!

Navigating the Sea of GSD*

*Getting Sh*t Done


The CREW – Creating Results, Empowering Wins

The CREW is a curated 4-week co-working success incubator in paradise for solopreneurs. 

By joining The CREW you are becoming a part of a powerful network of global professionals who are moving their businesses forward while experiencing the world and living life on their terms. 

We’re your results booster in a paradise.

The CREWCaptain curates and guides 4 weeks of goal setting meetings, check-ins, workshops, and think tanks to provide a fantastic environment and experience for you to learn, achieve and expand.

The curriculum is specifically created to empower, enhance, and drive results.

Experience the freedom of an independent lifestyle while creating success for your company, project, and life.

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The CREW is for solopreneurs who are just starting out or want to amplify the success of their business.

  • Just finished up a corporate gig and now ready to go out on your own?
  • Been a solopreneur for a while and looking to turbocharge your business?
  • Have a passion project or side hustle that is ready to be birthed?
  • Want to be surrounded by inspiring and motivated people living in paradise and creating success?

If you answered yes to any of these, The CREW is perfect for you!

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New to the Location Independent Lifestyle?

Let’s face it, you are a radical thinker and want to take radical actions…but you also want to be responsible.

You have built up a career, expertise, or business and you want something more. You have a sense that it may be taking advantage of the location independent lifestyle but don’t know how to take the first step.

The CREW gives you an opportunity to do what you want, where you want and it does not have to be all or nothing. It is 4 weeks that allows you to let go enough to come to Bali but not so much that you lose your success momentum.

This is a chance for you to dip your toe into the location independent movement without having to go all in and at the same time, giving you the support you need to succeed.

By joining The CREW you are putting yourself into a network and community of innovative people, working and living on the edge of what is possible around work.

Currently Living the Location Independent Lifestyle?

Being a digital nomad is amazing! Go where you want, when you want. But doing that while getting big results is hard. Especially without structure and support.

For those of you who have taken the leap and are swimming in the Location Independent sea, The CREW is here to empower what you are up to, grow and expand, and possibly start something new.

Maybe you have been on your own for a while and are not getting the results you want. Or you know you need to be surrounded by others doing big things to start something new. Whatever it is you want to create, The CREW is here to support you to do so.

By joining The CREW, you are setting yourself up for success in continuing living the way want and working on your terms.

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The Science of Success 

By leveraging the power of network science, accountability, structure, and committed people, The CREW is able to create success and results beyond what people thought possible in one month on a location in Paradise.

The CREW opens your network so you can learn, grow, and expand. 

According to multiple network science studies, simply being in an open network instead of a closed one is the best predictor of success. This is because an open network creates a more accurate view of the world, which gives you a bigger perspective on which to make decisions and creates more breakthrough ideas.

network-chart“In the chart, the further to the right you go toward a closed network, the more you repeatedly hear the same ideas, which reaffirm what you already believe. The further left you go toward an open network, the more you’re exposed to new ideas. People to the left are significantly more successful than those to the right.” Forbes, Jan 15, 2015 

Steve Jobs did not get to where he was creatively and in business by hanging out with people like him. He went out and explored the world, asked different types of people many questions, experienced things that could only be done by getting out of his comfort zone. That was the key to his success.

As network science proves, the way to success is to surround yourself with people that are playing big games that are different from yours. The CREW gives you access to unique insights, skills, values, and world-class people who challenge, complement and expand your own skill set to create a more powerful you.

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The CREW runs for 4 weeks in order for you to set the foundation for success and then execute on your plan while still being supported and accountable to a group of other highly motivated solopreneurs.

  • Starts on the first Monday of each month
  • Runs for 4 weeks, Monday – Thursday, 10am – 12pm (Fridays off)
  • 8 – 10 members per month

The curriculum is specifically created to empower, enhance, and drive results.

The benefits begin as soon as you are accepted:


  • 30 minutes consultation session with experienced and highly knowledgeable CrewCaptain: Have visa questions? Want to know what to do and what to expect? Need accommodation consultation? Have other questions or concerns? Our CrewCaptain is here to help!

Upon Arrival

  • The CREW personal driver will pick you up from the airport so you can feel comfortable knowing someone is there for you when you land after the long journey, even if your flight is delayed.

During Your Participation with The CREW

  • 4-times a week facilitated meetings (Friday off), hosted and organized by the CREWCaptain.
    • These include goal-setting sessions, skill-shares, lunch & learns, member spotlights, brainstorming sessions, and more!
  • 30-minute personal coaching session the CrewCaptain to focus, support, and empower you for success.
  • Access to the CrewCaptain who is full of tips, advice, knowledge, and experience of the location independent life, how to make the most out of your time here, and where to go off the beaten path that will really give you the taste of where you are this month.
  • The opportunity to be a part of a group of amazing, courageous, and experienced change-makers, solopreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads that will be supporting you on taking your company, project, or idea to the next level!
  • Learn and share expertise, tips, tools and tricks to living the location independent lifestyle.
  • Use of the co-working space where we hold The CREW, and its facilities, including workspace, workshop/ yoga area, private meeting rooms, swimming pool, work deck with stunning views, cafe, and more! The facilities depend on the location of your choosing.
  • Experience trips, excursions & socials where we explore Bali, the culture, local businesses, and get to know all The CREW members on a different level.
  • A hosted completion dinner where we celebrate what we accomplished and acknowledge ourselves and each other.
  • Free personal mini-photoshoot so you walk away with headshots that you can use on your website and social media ($300 value).
  • Leave with more confidence, experience, and success, a larger network of global change-makers that you can tap into for years to come, and a life-changing experience.


The cost to join The CREW is $695 USD for the 4-week program.

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**Please note: The following is not included in the price of The CREW**

  • Air travel
  • Accommodation
  • Transport once in Ubud
  • Food
  • Excursions (though we take trips together, they are not included in the fee)


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We will review your application and get back to you within 48 hours.

There maybe some questions and details that you do not have the answer to yet. Please feel free to send along knowing we can iron everything out as we go.

Once accepted and confirmed through payment, the CREWCaptain will schedule a call to answer questions and set you up for success.

If you are ready to be productive in paradise, please Apply Now!


Happy CREWMembers

“I feel like every day, in these last four weeks, has been a revelation where I’ve tried something new, I’ve learned something new, and I honestly feel like I’ve been on the most enormous journey and I feel so inspired.”


Liela – England

“Before The CREW I already knew who I was, but now I can show others who I am. I feel empowered, confident, and very eager to work with what I have learned. It’s a perfect program to help you sort out your goals and reach them.”


Wouter – Belgium

“The group guidance and community support helped me see a sizeable growth in my business! I am now steering it with more confidence and ready to take on bigger challenges. I would highly recommend anyone to join!”


Nistha – India

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